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Every day, we go to work with two primary objectives; take care of people and perform the quality of work that our clients deserve. It was true when Fuerst Plumbing first began and is just as true today. 

With a spirit of entrepreneurship and the desire to help others; Zeke Fuerst founded Fuerst Plumbing in 1976. Having landed his first job with MJC Companies, the business' reputation and craftsmanship began to spread, allowing the company to grow in the number of builders they began working with across the state. 

Now having over 40 years of history, the company has developed in tremendous ways. With the leadership of Ryan Fuerst, Fuerst Plumbing has expanded its services in performing commercial, residential, industrial, and repair jobs throughout nearly all of Michigan. 


To this day, Fuerst Plumbing has set out to be a different kind of company; one which would be built upon a foundation of quality service for its customers. 

"To exceed our customer's expectations by utilizing the latest in plumbing technology while providing the highest level of professional service."

Quality Is In the Details

Delivering The Very Best In All That We Do

Take Care of Your People, And They'll Take Care of You

Service Clients With The Utmost Care

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